Executive Committee

Ross Nelson, President/COO American Mitigation Company, rnelson@amitco.org

Jack Smith, Vice President , Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLPjack.smith@nelsonmullins.com

Ryam Smith PWS, Secretary ,HDR | ICA, Ryan.V.Smith@hdrinc.com

Tara Allden, Kimley Horn & Associates, Tara.allden@kimley-horn.com

Allen Conger,  PWS, AMEC, allen.conger@amecfw.com

Adam McIntyre, Committee Member, adam@waterlandsolutions.com

Daniel Johnson , PE PH, Wildlands Engineering, djohnson@wildlandseng.com

Tommy Cousins ,RES | EBX , tcousins@res.us

Blair Wade, Membership Chair, HDR,Blair.Wade@hdrinc.com

Technical Committee

Ryam Smith PWS, Secretary, HDR | ICA, Ryan.V.Smith@hdrinc.com

Daniel Johnson PE PH, Wildlands Engineering, djohnson@wildlandseng.com

Mission Statement: To support an active and efficient mitigation marketplace by providing an exchange of sound scientific and engineering expertise between the SCMA and the Regulatory community in an effort to formulate and apply practical and consistent methods for regulating sustainable compensatory mitigation.

Description: This Committee will identify issues which prevent the practical and consistent application of the USACE compensatory mitigation guidelines, and will examine widely accepted methods and resources that promote sustainable mitigation. We will provide suggestions for viable clarifications or alternatives, where applicable, to regulations within the USACE guidelines. Additionally, the Committee will identify an avenue for knowledge transfer (e.g., point of contact, schedule, venue, discussion items, etc.) between the SCMA and the regulatory community.

Partership Committee

Allen Conger PWS, AMEC, allen.conger@amecfw.com

Tommy Cousins,RES | EBX ,tcousins@res.us

Mission Statement: To collaborate with the NGOs and state agencies to align and garner support for Association initiatives

Description:  This Committee will work collaboratively with the NGOs and commenting agencies to improve understanding of organization initiatives and priorities. The goal is to recommend changes to the USACE compensatory mitigation guidelines that are endorsed by the participating entities, with the ultimate objective being consistent application of the mitigation guidelines across all applicants.

Regulatory Committee

Tara Allden, Kimley Horn & Associates, Tara.allden@kimley-horn.com

Lee Caffrey, Wildlands Engineeringlcaffery@wildlandseng.com

Mission Statement: To collaborate with the regulatory agencies, resource agencies, mitigation banking industry, and the regulated community to identify opportunities for efficiencies and agreements on policy, definitions, and procedures for the development and implementation of mitigation banks and permittee-responsible mitigation projects.


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