Why Join SCMA?

  • Stay up-to-date on the mitigation marketplace in South Carolinafooter png
  • Vote on important mitigation policies and positions
  • Attend membership meetings with presentations from key industry contributors
  • Collectively promote the mitigation industry within the state

Membership Types as of October 1, 2017:

Voting Members:   

Private organizations, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships or persons, including mitigation bankers, environmental consultants, engineers, contractors, or other mitigation credit providers that are actively participating in mitigation projects within the state of South Carolina.

Annual Dues: $1000

Non-Voting Members:

All other organizations, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, or persons with an interest in the South Carolina mitigation marketplace.

Annual Dues: $250

All members must abide by SCMA’s Statement of Ethics

SCMA Membership Application