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October 28, 2020  | 10:00 AM

Lorianne Riggin serves as the Director for SCDNR’s Office of Environmental Programs and will speak at our October 2020 quarterly meeting. Ms. Riggin will introduce and provide background on the drivers and funding that led to the development of the recently published South Carolina regional curves (hydraulic geometry relationships). Ms. Riggin will also introduce the USACE/IRT endeavor to regionalize the Stream Quantification Tool (SQT). Greg Jennings, Ph.D., P.E., in partnership with the SCDNR, identified stable (reference) streams, collected and analyzed geomorphological data, and performed large woody debris assessments within four (Level III) ecoregions of the state. Dr. Jennings will share an overview of the results of the data collection effort.  


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December 9, 2020  

Details to follow soon.

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