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Voting member $1,000

We hope that you will consider joining us to continue our growth and strengthen the mitigation marketplace in South Carolina.  There is strength in numbers and every voice counts.  Voting members may include: private organizations, corporations, limited liability companies,

partnerships or persons, including landowners, mitigation bankers, environmental consultants, engineers, contractors, or other mitigation credit providers that are actively participating in mitigation projects within the state of South Carolina. Membership is only $1,000 per year and comes with benefits such as:

  • Ability to help formulate and vote on mitigation policies and positions that directly shape the future of mitigation in South Carolina

  • Access to up-to-date information on the mitigation marketplace in South Carolina

  • Attendance at quarterly membership meetings with presentations from leading industry professional

  • Opportunity to serve on committees that help define mitigation policy in South Carolina

  • Direct access to regulators, resource agencies, NGO’s, and policy makers as a voting member

Networking opportunities with like-minded mitigation professionals

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Non-voting member


There is also a Non-Voting membership available at a rate of $400 per year.  Non-voting members are allowed to attend quarterly meetings and have access to SCMA information and resources.  However, we encourage you consider the Voting Membership as the best value for your mitigation interests.

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