Other Notable Events

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Workshop - Monitoring SCMs, Streams and Small Watersheds: A Primer for MS4 Communities, December 8 and 15

Hosted by Clemson Extension and the SC Water Resource Center

This workshop will be held in person December 8 and a half-day online December 15.

Stormwater control measures (SCMs) help maintain water quality and improve stream health and integrity by reducing the export of pollutants from the land to the waterway. For most MS4 communities, SCMs also assist in meeting various permit compliance related goals. The efficacy of SCMs in meeting and maintaining water quality standards and regulations vary due to differences in land use, drainage area, precipitation patterns, and other watershed characteristics. A comprehensive understanding of SCM performance will help MS4s and other relevant entities in conducting better life cycle assessments and improved understanding of maintenance needs. Read more and register here.

SQT Workshops
Stream Functions Pyramid and Quantification Tool Workshop (Online Version)  January 24 - 27, 2023

Hosted by Stream Mechanics
This course is for individuals involved in stream assessment and restoration/mitigation projects and provides a framework for assessing stream functions. Participants will learn that stream functions follow a hierarchical structure, which has been organized by the following categories: hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology, physicochemical and biology. The course starts with lectures and exercises on stream functions following the Pyramid Framework and then moves into applications.  Click here for more information.

More SQT Workshops from Stream Mechanics

National Mitigation and Environmental Markets Conference, May 8-11, Jacksonville, Florida

National Stream Restoration Conference, August 21-23, Baltimore, MD