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SCMA Scholarship


2024 Scholarship 
Application Deadline is June 30, 2024

The South Carolina Mitigation Association (SCMA) formed in 2013 to promote an active and efficient mitigation marketplace that supports ecological function and economic development within the State. Our mission is achieved through participation by industry professionals, including mitigation bankers, environmental consultants, engineers, and contractors, and in collaboration with regulatory agencies and conservation organizations.

A minimum of two awards ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 will be awarded to eligible individuals currently engaged in education related to ecological restoration or mitigation. Eligible individuals include undergraduate students, preferably juniors and seniors, and graduate students at a college or university in South Carolina pursuing studies or conducting research related to ecosystem restoration or mitigation. Eligible students must be enrolled in an institution or higher learning in the fall of 2024. Scholarship awards will be sent to the college or university.

The SCMA Scholarship Committee will evaluate applicants based on the following criteria: prior academic performance, recommendations from instructors and/or others who have knowledge of the applicant’s capabilities, additional information regarding the applicant’s career, and academic and other relevant experiences or aspirations. Criteria may also include the applicant’s place of residence, past or future attendance at a school within the state of South Carolina, past or proposed course of study or evidence of his or her interest in pursuing a career in mitigation.

To apply, please compile the items in the application checklist and send to the SCMA. Be sure to include a description of your current education, research, and/or career goals as they relate to ecological restoration or ecological mitigation. As part of your application package, also include current unofficial transcripts and two letters of recommendation. All items must be submitted by the deadline for the application to be complete. Only complete applications will be considered by the SCMA Scholarship Grant Selection Committee.


Click here for the application check list.

Return the items listed on the application checklist to:
Email (Preferred):
With subject line: SCMA 2024 Scholarship Application [Your Name]
Mail: PO Box 1763 | Columbia, SC 29202

Scholarship awards will be announced by August 2, 2024.

2023 SCMA Scholarship Awardees

Jessica Clark 2.png

Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark is currently finishing a master’s degree at Clemson University in the Department of Forestry and Conservation. Her thesis research focused on comparing the soil organic matter depth and vegetative community of two restored wetlands and reference wetlands in the coastal plain of South Carolina. Prior to her time at Clemson, Jessica earned a B.S. in Biology from the University of South Carolina in 2020. During her undergraduate years, she was involved in research investigating the ramifications of radiation on large mammalian populations in Chernobyl and Fukushima. With her thesis defense successfully behind her, Jessica is currently immersed in publication efforts with aspirations of a career as an environmental scientist specializing in stream and wetland restoration. Amidst her professional pursuits, she enjoys crocheting and knitting, as well as hiking and mountain biking alongside her partner, Jorden, in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.


Kacey Kai

Kacey Kai has worked all over the country in the field of Environmental Education and Interpretation. Currently, she is receiving more training, skills, and experience thanks to her new adventure as a graduate student with the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation at Clemson University.  

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