SCDOT Solicitations

11/19/2020: Solicitation: I-526 MITIGATION BANKING CREDITS
Submission Ending Date/Time: 01/08/2021 14:30:00


8/12/2020: SCDOT Solicitation: Lower Savannah Mitigation Bank Credits

8/7/2020: SCDOT Solicitation: Salkiehatchie Mitigation Bank Credits

8/7/2020: SCDOT Solicitation: South Fork Edisto Mitigation Bank Credits

SCDOT Announcement
7/30/2020: SCDOT provided notice to SCMA on July 30, 2020 to inform the industry, in advance of upcoming IFB’s that SCDOT will be requesting Bids for the I-526 Low Country Corridor Project Mitigation. SCDOT is moving through the conditions and approval process, but are currently working towards the release of this IFB in calendar year, 2020. The IFB will follow a similar LOTs structure as the A.M.P. Watershed solicitations. This IFB will seek to acquire Freshwater Wetland, Freshwater Stream, and Tidal Wetland credits from a commercial mitigation bank. SCDOT will look forward to speaking on the topic soon.

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